Appraisal Skills

There is a proven link between management practice, employee engagement and an organisation's success. It is vital to embed an effective performance management process within an organisation and drive this with best practice management skills.

The actual annual "appraisal meeting" is only part of the process. Often dreaded by appraiser and appraisee as an onerous  marathon of a meeting that is preceded by the "dusting off" of the objectives set 12 months previously! It doesn't have to be this way......

Imagine of an effective appraisal as part of a performance management process between an employee and employee


Most people working today have experienced the "good, bad and the ugly" when it comes to appraisal meetings! Truly effective performance management is in fact a year-long, ongoing process, not a one hit wonder at the end of the business year. The challenge is that many managers today do not recognise the direct link between their day-to-day activities and levels of engagement. This means interacting positively with their people, holding regular 1 to 1's and running quality appraisals.  What often stops them is the fact that they are too busy doing the "day job" and they may not recognise the importance of such performance management activities. 

In this challenging environment, it is vital that staff;

  1. Have a perception that the work they undertake is important, that it has clear purpose and meaning that can be linked to the organisation values and goals.
  2. Have clarity about expectations and regular feedback on progress.
  3. Are given opportunities for learning and career progression including access to development and training.
  4. Have a quality relationship with the line manager where the individual feels that they are listened to and understood as an individual.
  5. Get timely recognition and feedback on performance acting as a reward in itself.

(adapted from Actus Performance Management System)

i4 Training is working in partnership with a UK based organisational development company - Advance Change Ltd. They have developed an intuitive, cloud based performance management system which is suitable for small/medium companies. You can view a demo of the software by following this link - 

The Aim

The aim of the Appraisal Skills Workshop is to understand the essential activities within the annual performance management cycle. 


The course covers skills needed to conduct appraisals in order to sustain high performance and avoid disciplinary actions.

Specifically, by the end of the session, delegates will;

1. Be able to define the appraisal cycle and understand its importance in driving staff engagement.

2. Have discussed and agreed best practice people management skills.

3. Know how to set SMART objectives with their staff members.

4. Understand 4 different types of feedback and how to use feedback effectively.

COURSE DURATION: half or full day

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