Team Development

Imagine if you could engage more positive team members to contribute towards a shared list of priorities for the delivery of future outcomes......

Every team is different and so are the issues/challenges they face. Currently there is a huge amount of pressure being put onto teams and their managers to deliver "more with less". Many teams have found it extremely useful to bring in someone "external" to facilitate team development and training. View some of our testimonials to see various groups' experiences of employing i4 Training.

image of a group of people putting together a jigsaw, representing team work. Team development session can effectively make use of everybodies skills and experience


One of the main issues people have about a "Team Away Day" is that they are all too often are perceived as a "Talking Shop" and that nothing actually results from or changes because of them.

Time is precious. Busy people are not motivated to give up a day from their hectic schedules to participate in team development activities unless they think it will be worthwhile. It is vital that the facilitator, employed by the team to orchestrate the agenda, must have an understanding of the challenges within the organisation. (Although they do not have to be an expert in the content of the discussions.)

Rather than offering a pre-set agenda or "off the shelf" package, i4 Training designs every team development agenda specifically around people's objectives and the time available. Our facilitator has over 15 years experience of designing and facilitating team sessions, enabling the implementation of workable action plans. These action plans are relevant, straight forward, and tied down with "task owners" and time frames. Team members feel involved in the decision making process within the team.

The Aim

The aim of the Team Development session is to facilitate staff agreement on team priorities and get them committed to an achievable action plan.  Through managed discussion and various team building activities, the group will agree next steps to map of the team's future progress.


Every team development session is designed individually, however in general, delegates will;

1.  Explore the theory of "Effective Teamwork" and discuss effective team communication strategies.

2. Experience, through tailored games/exercises, the processes involved in reaching consensus as a team.

3. Discuss "what's working" and "what's not" using a facilitation tool to carry out a "stock-take" on team activities.

4. Be involved in planning the future priorities for the team. Where do the team members want to be in 12 months' time?

5. Contribute to the drafting of a workable action plan to take the team forward, with explicit ownership and time frames.

COURSE DURATION: Half or full day.

Please visit out testimonials page to view the many positive quotes about i4 Training Team Development Sessions.