Testimonials: What do people say about i4 Training?

We hope that past customer experience will ultimately give you piece of mind that i4 Training will deliver effective training for your organisation. They say "it's a small world" and hearing about someone's positive experience or getting a recommendation about training will go a long way to help you make the right decision.

There are many providers of training and facilitation services around, and although our 18 years of experience is significant, we hope the quotes below are useful.

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'" I have had experience now of Jo doing excellent work with a number of different mental health teams throughout Ireland, at different stages of development and with different challenges. Her sessions are invariably managed expertly and there are always positive outcomes from the process. I recommend Jo's service to all mental health services' ".

Dr. Henry O'Connell, 

Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Tutor and Adjunct Senior Clinical Lecturer (University of Limerick), 

Laois-Offaly Mental Health Services, 

" Jo is enthusiastic, energetic and very good at encouraging team members to look honestly at things we had achieved  but also things that could be improved. Most importantly, we action planned how we would address these. Her development sessions gave us a different perspective, new energy, motivation and enthusiasm... things that are hard to achieve in the current climate of cutbacks. The whole team were positive about the experience."

Dr Sabina Fahy, Consultant Psychiatrist, East Galway.

" ...very good trainer....Jo presented technical and practical content in a clear & precise way, allowing for self-learning within the group. Highly interactive...thanks."

Anne Whateley, Director of Business Development, N.E.L.C.S.U, NHS

" Jo was always very professional, well organised, stimulating and challenged people to think. Her input assisted a number of our NCHD's to successfully achieve their goals of passing the College's clinical exams."

Dr Marie Fennemore, Consultant Psychiatrist, Co.Donegal.

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" The various sessions offered by Jo were always greatly appreciated by staff. Her obvious skill and experience in areas of team building, presentation skills and NLP meant that staff had access to training not afforded them regularly within their working environment, Jo's professional, yet easy manner meant that none of it seemed like hard work. Her skill, experience and confidence with the subject matter was evident throughout. Working relationships improved and overall team morale took a definite turn for the better."

Dr Lorcan Martin, Co Westmeath.

" Jo has the experience and knowledge of the health service to make the team development sessions both relevant and highly beneficial. The team found it useful to bring in an "external" facilitator in to help discuss current issues and how to resolve them. People could be open and honest. 

Rosalia Kavanagh, Assitant Director of Nursing, Laois/Offlay.

" Jo was an excellent facilitator....her wealth of knowledge and experience shone through. She made learning enjoyable and fun...I would highly recommend."

Margaret Kerlin, Team Coordinator, Co. Donegal