Training for Pharmaceutical Companies

i4 Training provides tailored training courses to Health Care Professionals that can be employed by pharmaceutical companies to provide that "value added" experience that HCPs require and appreciate. 

Uniquely, I can maximise the business return for your company as my background in pharmaceutical sales means I understand the objective of offering such a service to customers.

I also have experience of delivering high quality training internally.

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How can i4 Training help you deliver true value to your customers?

In this increasingly challenging sales environment, many pharmaceutical companies struggle to provide customer centric services that deliver a differentiated customer experience and gain competitive advantage.

i4 Training provides tailored training courses to Health Care Professionals that can be employed by pharmaceutical companies to provide that "value added" experience that HCPs are looking for.

" Jo's sessions proved invaluable with many groups of health care professionals and her skills were sought after by many teams in hospitals. By using Jo to partner with these teams ... our company was seen as a resource by many and not just in it for the hard sell."

Nora Treacy, Sales Manager, Eli Lilly & Co (Ireland) Ltd.

i4 Training helps you to:

  • Add value, by offering quality training courses to help HCPs up skill in areas useful to both their clinical and personal lives.
  • Deepen partnerships with stakeholders, by building brand offerings that address their needs. This can increase access and provide a platform to promote products.
  • Differentiate from the competition, and establish your company as an integral part of the healthcare system.

i4 Training can also meet your company needs

  • Organise and facilitate Advisory Boards with key stakeholders.
  • Deliver "Using NLP to Sell" training courses for representatives.
  • Run an "Elevator Presenting" course: how to deliver an effective Group Sell in 3 mins....and counting!
  • Facilitate organisational development sessions for teams within the company.
  • Advance presentation skills for experienced reps or managers; a course with video feedback or 1:1 coaching sessions.

i4 Training is Jo Irwin

I have over 18 years experience working within the pharmaceutical industry, in sales, training and management positions. Since 1997 I have been involved in the delivery of valuable training programmes to staff working within the HSE and NHS. 

It makes my approach very different from other training providers. I work exclusively within the health service environment and it means I have an intimate understanding of both the HCPs and the pharmaceutical company's needs, objectives and ways of working.

" As Clinical Tutor I found it refreshing and highly valuable to be offered such training resource from a pharmaceutical company"

Dr Sabina Fahy, Consultant Psychiatrist, East Galway

Training courses for HCPs

" The various sessions offered by Jo were always greatly anticipated by staff. Her obvious skill and experience in areas of team building, presentation skills and NLP meant that staff had access to training not afforded them regularly within their working environment. It was also seen clearly that pharmaceutical companies had an interest and commitment which went beyond selling their products and demonstrated a willingness to work in partnership for education purposes."

Dr Lorcan Martin, Consultant , Co Westmeath.